-La Paz-

Fiesta del Gran Poder

Between the months of May and June, the whole city of La Paz stops to celebrate one of Bolivia’s most extravagant and unique festivals.

The party as a cultural expression also has its presence in the streets with increasing force is appropriating public spaces streets and avenues, with parties such as the Lord of the Great Power in the beginning and now in every neighborhood agreement the date of foundation or patron of the parish have their folkloric expression (pay) in this there is also this dichotomy where rites are combined aymaras with both handled properly Catholic religion, in these events public spaces become private spaces of the protagonists where even today have their chairs and tables and waiters and much suck and endless drunken, initially premises party had for the proper conduct of such events so that in this way everything is done in a private area, but now we tend to do it in public spaces, but still in different neighborhoods are proliferating local party which leads in these sectors commercial activities that make the party in economics is called agglomeration.

In all these activities and attitudes the tendency of being Andean Community that is because, as in fairs, festivities or start planting in villages these events makes in community and for the community manifests. Individualities disappear devoured by the collective being that is gaining reality: ayllu become a tangible organic unit with its own determination. Through this cathartic confluence, the community receives communion with itself and with the surrounding nature, life affirming their will (undoubtedly the party is geared to ensure collective survival). In the new version of the festival of Gran Poder, the Festival of the Andes, 53 folkloric fraternities today offer a vast repertoire of rich cultural legacy that the country has. The party of the Great Power is a representation of the diversity of dances that are performed under the promise of dance for three years as an act of gratitude to the divinity of the Lord Jesus del Gran Poder . The festival will feature 30,000 4,000 dancers and musicians, who invade the streets of the popular area of Gran Poder then reach the Hernando Siles Stadium.